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Power in Prayer

I’ve been having such great bible studies. I’m in learning mode, and it feels good. And I’ve never repented so much in my life, but confession is good for the soul.

I chose to read James 5:13-18 KJV with a subtitle that says faith prays for the afflicted. Affliction can be defined as something that causes pain or suffering. It can be individual, familial, national and etc. As affliction relates to faith, we have a supernatural outlet that never fails.

God had instructed us to pray for those afflicted, and if we are the afflicted, seek the proper ones to pray for us. Verse 16 says, “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” This verse tells me that there is power in prayer.

Don’t get hung up on the confession to other people. Past experience may have taught a lesson in not allowing vulnerability because of betrayal. Instead, a wall is built creating stagnation instead of advancement. In the body of Christ, we need one another. I’m not saying be gullible and tell anyone your personal business¬† (there are believers who battle loose lips) but be diligent in recognizing who is discreet and trust God to lead you to the right person(s).

Fervent (supplication- humble, earnest prayer) prayer by a righteous man is effective and helpful. Healing is inevitable.

In 1 Kings 17-18, the Prophet Elijah used prayer to stop the land from receiving rain for three years. Elijah knew his prayers would be answered by God because he had unshakeable faith. Once again, Elijah prayed for rain and God brought forth rain. God gave Elijah power to call forth or halt things in faith. How awesome is that?? We have the same power to loose, rebuke, call forth, bless and heal with a faith that prays. It truly takes faith to pray because faith is prayer.

God has been showing me favor in my prayers to heal in several areas of life. I’m grateful and I’m inspired even more with an increased faith. Mistakes will be made but growth overshadows those mistakes.

Miracles happen when we pray. Blessings rain on us when we pray. Healing manifests when we pray. Life is peaceful when we pray. Relationship with our Creator is strengthened when we pray.

There is power in prayer.  Never underestimate it.



Side note: read Numbers 10 and 11. These chapters are great examples of powerful prayer.