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2018 and Beyond

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When I was a teenager, I was a member of the “young people” choir. I stayed in that choir for several years. We chose the name “Vision Choir” because we had a vision of where we wanted our choir to go. Befitting to the choir, we chose Patrick Love’s song Write The Vision as our theme song. The words were simple but profound. They went like this:

Write the vision, make it plain;

That they may run and not faint.

Though the vision is only for a while,

It shall speak and not lie.

For if the Lord said it,

You can count on it;

(chorus) He will do just what He said.


I still love this song. This song popped into my head days ago, when I realized that 2018 is coming real soon. I always write my goals down for the year, so I made the same decision for this coming year. I have full confidence in God that my vision written for 2018 will manifest.

It is reaping season. Do you anticipate this as well? So much drama, deception, turmoil, tears, fears, worry and setbacks have plagued so many this past year (and prior years). But greater is coming and we must prepare for all this wonderful goodness coming our way.

The number eight is very momentous in our faith, which is a number denoting a new beginning. Ok? Amen? We have a new beginning starting tomorrow. Preparation and discernment are two important factors to have in 2018. We can’t get caught up in what looks good or even what feels good. It’s imperative that we stay in constant communication with God so he can direct our paths (Proverbs 3:6).

This is not a drill or a simulation anymore. God says get up and move! He’s about to manifest the desires of our hearts in this new year and beyond. I believe in speaking life and blessings in not just the new year, but beyond the new year. I believe we stagnate ourselves when we choose to say that we are going to do better in the new year, but fail to speak on life for the new years to come.

We’ve prayed so many years for certain things to come to pass, and they are about to become evident. Ignore the naysayers, doubters and hinderers and focus on what God has told us.

Godly love and marriage? God says yes!

Children? God says yes!

Financial stability/riches? God says yes!

Business owner? God says yes!

Peace? God says yes!

Healing? God says yes!

Confidence? God says yes!

Better relationships? God says yes!

Whatever we’ve been praying for: God says yes! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to share with you all what God is going to personally do for me, and I would love to hear from you. Hit me up on Instagram @toyadenae or email me at inspirationbytoyadenae@gmail.com


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this past year. It has been full of lessons, disappoints and eye opening situations, but we are still standing. We thank you for the completion of this year and the new beginning of 2018 and beyond. We anticipate everything you have for us with a heart of gratitude. Help us to be good stewards over the blessings to come. In the name of Jesus, Amen!