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“Though your beginning was insignificant, yet your end will increase greatly.” Job 8:7

When some of us thinks about gaining prosperity, we think in terms of financial gain. That’s simply not all prosperity entails. A person can be prosperous in love, family, relationships, finances, health and spirit.
The scripture above comes from Job 8 which illustrates Job’s friend challenging him about his situation. Of course, the book of Job is how God allows Job to go through a series of faith-challenging circumstances to prove to the enemy that Job was loyal to God. Job lost his kids, wealth and suffered with bad health. Job’s friends believed that Job somehow transgressed and that’s why Job was suffering. Job’s friend also unknowingly predicted Job’s latter increase, which happens towards the end of the book of Job. His friend felt like if Job would acknowledge his wrongdoing and repent, Job’s life would get better. However, God had already arranged Job’s increase unbeknownst to the friend’s assumptions.
Job’s story tells me that we should listen to only God. Those closest to us can discourage and depress you into reacting in a way displeasing to God. I also see in this text that we should never give up. And though we suffer for a little while, victory is on the other side. Job lost everything but gained all that was lost plus more.
Even though Job had faith and was loyal to God, he had faith pains. And yes, faith can be painful. Faith means knowing the result no matter the present condition and giving authority to God in the process. We give up control to Him and allow Him to do what’s best for us. The key to never losing faith is to continuously read, hear and speak the word.
Increase is inevitable. Right now, may not feel good at all, but keep pushing forward in faith. The beginning of the storm may have swayed you to feel like you’d never get over the first hurdle, but now you’re almost to the finish line. Increase is coming.
Prepare for the increase you’ve been believing God for.
Those toxic people and situations are already removed.
Declare your increase today.

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the increase you’ve promised us. Thank you for the opposition that has shaped and molded us in humility and faith. Give us a spirit of discernment and readiness to accept the increase coming. We ask to be good stewards over this increase, In the name of Jesus, Amen!